Cecile Jeffrey produces elegant knitwear made exclusively of the highest quality Italian yarn. The line, made entirely in the UK, comprises winter sweaters for women, also, cardigans, dresses and coats. In addition we produce fine summer and evening sweaters, long cardigans and dresses in cool viscose and cotton.

Cecile graduated in 1979 from Leicester Polytechnic with a BA(hons) in fashion specializing in Knitwear Design. In 1982, after freelancing for other designers including Rosalind Yehuda, she started selling her own label from a stall in Camden Market. This, in turn, led to the acquisition of a shop in Camden Lock as well as a London agent. Her clothes were now being sold in major stores such as Fenwicks and Liberty. She created a successful market in America where she participated in trade shows such as British Knitwear in New York, The Coterie and, more recently, the Train.

Today Cecile continues to create classic feminine knitwear that blurs the boundaries between fashion and craft. Each piece is individually hand-loomed and linked together to create a beautiful garment that will reward the wearer with many years of use. Her style is distinctive, with strong shapes exploring the architectural quality of knitwear. The Cecile Jeffrey brand has become synonymous with high quality fashion knitwear that appeals to independently minded women.

Stockists Past & Present

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